Department of Mediterranean Studies &
Department of Primary Education


"Analysis and Teaching of First & Second/Foreign Language"

The Department of Mediterranean Studies (DMS) in collaboration with the Department of Primary Education (DPE) of the School of Humanities of the University of the Aegean have organized and operated since the academic year 2018-2019 an Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme (IPGP) entitled “Analysis and teaching of first and second/foreign of language” (Government Gazette Issue 2885 B/19.7.2018), which awards a Postgraduate Degree (PGD) in “Analysis and teaching of first and second/foreign language” and provides Pedagogical and Teaching Proficiency Certification to its holders.

The Programme is full-time and the duration for the awarding of the Postgraduate Degree (PGD) is set out at three (3) academic semesters, two (2) teaching semesters and the third (3) semester assigned in the preparation of the postgraduate thesis.

According to the Regulation of the IPGP and the current legislation (Law 4559/2018, Government Gazette Issue 142 A/3.8.2018), the Programme is offered 50% by distance learning. During the first two academic semesters, the Programme is implemented in a blended learning environment with standard combined forms of face-to-face and distance education.

A maximum of forty (40) postgraduate students are admitted to the IPGP “Analysis and teaching of first and second/foreign language” per academic year.

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