Department of Mediterranean Studies &
Department of Primary Education


"Analysis and Teaching of First & Second/Foreign Language"

The subject area of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme is the analysis and teaching of the first, second/foreign language.

Its goal is to delve into a variety of issues related to linguistic analysis and to provide expertise in first, second/foreign or heritage language teaching.

The Programme:

  • Utilizes knowledge around analysis, language contrast, language didactics, linguistic diversity, second language teaching.
  • Aims to provide theoretical and methodological tools for the further development of skills with a focus on language teaching.
  • The course content includes the most modern approaches to the analysis of the grammatical structure and the textual dimension of the language.
  • It also covers modern didactic approaches to language teaching relating to both the structural and the functional dimension of the language and are linked to different needs of teaching the first, second/foreign or heritage language to a variety of audiences (primary and secondary education, adult classes, etc.), which is an innovation of the Programme
  • It utilizes information technologies in the analysis and teaching of language phenomena and texts both in person and remotely.
  • Emphasis is placed on the analysis and teaching of Greek and other languages ​​of the Southeast Mediterranean region (indicative languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish).
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