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"Analysis and Teaching of First & Second/Foreign Language"

The amount of the prescribed tuition fees for the entire programme of studies of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme (IPGP) “Analysis and teaching of first and second/foreign language” is set at €2,500. It is possible to pay the amount in three (3) installments.

The first installment, amounting to 500 euros, is paid within ten (10) days from the announcement of the passing candidates (date of publication in DIAVGEIA). The second installment, amounting to 750 euros, when the student registers in the first semester and the third installment, amounting to 1,250 euros, at the beginning of the second semester on dates determined by the Secretariat. Tuition fees are paid to the Special Research Funds Account (ELKE), which is responsible for managing them. Postgraduate students must pay all their financial obligations on time.

Students of the IPGP are exempt from tuition fees, where tuition is stipulated, if their individual income does not exceed one hundred percent (100%) and their family income does not exceed seventy percent (70%) of the national median disposable equivalent income, according to the most recently published data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority. This exemption is granted for participation in a single Postgraduate Programme. In any case, exempt students should not exceed thirty percent (30%) of the total number of students admitted to the IPGP. If the beneficiaries exceed the above percentage, they are selected in order of ranking starting from those with the lowest income. For the implementation of this paragraph, the incomes of the last tax year, for which at the time of the selection in the IPGP, tax clearance has been completed, are taken into consideration by the Committee established pursuant to case δ’ of paragraph 3 of article 31 of Law 4485/2017, in accordance with what is defined in the Income Tax Code.

The application for exemption from tuition fees is submitted by the interested party to the Programme of Studies Committee after the completion of the selection and registration process of the students at the IPGP. The financial situation of a candidate is in no case a reason for non-selection to the IPGP “Analysis and teaching of first and second/foreign language”. Those receiving a scholarship from another source are not entitled to exemption.

In case of non-compliance with the financial obligations, it is possible to temporarily suspend studies or to delete the student from the Programme, following a decision of the Programme of Studies Committee.

Postgraduate students are provided with a number of scholarships, the possibility of free meals and accommodation in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the Foundation’s Regulations-Decisions.

Scholarships and awards

The IPGP may provide up to two scholarships based on academic criteria to full-time students, in accordance with a decision of the Programme of Studies Committee, which determines the amount of the scholarships, the supporting documents and the scholarship awarding process, and the obligations and rights of the scholarship holders (par. 4 article 35 Law 4485/2017).

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